Science Says: Stop Talking About Weight


According to a new guidelines published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the best way to lose weight is not to talk about weight at all. This is the first official endorsment while lots of experts agreed that focusing on healthy lifestyle choices instead of numbers on the scale is a consistently more healthy way to approach a healthy body. One of the ways we can sabotage our health and happiness is by engaging in weight talk. Weight talk defines as anytime you or someone in your family discusses their weight or someone else’s.
 The guidelines say that even well intended comments can be perceived as hurtful by the child or adolescent. Parents who had conversations about weight had adolescents who were more likely to engage in dieting, unhealthy weight control begaviors and binge eating. Also if the focus of the conversation was only on healtfyl eating begaviors, overweight adolescents were less likely to diet and to use unhealthy weight control begaviors.

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