Science Says: Stop Talking About Weight


According to a new guidelines published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the best way to lose weight is not to talk about weight at all. This is the first official endorsment while lots of experts agreed that focusing on healthy lifestyle choices instead of numbers on the scale is a consistently more healthy way to approach a healthy body. One of the ways we can sabotage our health and happiness is by engaging in weight talk. Weight talk defines as anytime you or someone in your family discusses their weight or someone else’s.
 The guidelines say that even well intended comments can be perceived as hurtful by the child or adolescent. Parents who had conversations about weight had adolescents who were more likely to engage in dieting, unhealthy weight control begaviors and binge eating. Also if the focus of the conversation was only on healtfyl eating begaviors, overweight adolescents were less likely to diet and to use unhealthy weight control begaviors.

Few Tips For Better Sleep


Most healthy adults need between 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep per night to function at their best. We all need that enough sleep. Here are a helpful tips and tricks experts swear by, to combat sleep problems both big and small.

1. Cut caffeine by the afternoon

Caffeine can greatly reduce the amount and quality of sleep. Drinking coffee or energy drinks too late in the day can interfere with getting to sleep since the half-life of caffeine is 4-6 hours. People who have no caffeine after 12 noon report a better quality of sleep after quitting caffeine.

2. Don’t eat too much before sleep

Overeating and eating certain foods before bed can cause numerous problems. Try to make dinnertime earlier in the evening, and avoid heavy, rich foods within two hours of bed.

3. Avoid alcohol before bed

After a few drinks, especially in people who don’t drink much, individuals often report subjectively shallow sleep and frequent mid-night awakenings. The effects vary greatly. Some people experience sweating and vivid dreams. Indeed, drinking lowers your body’s core temperature slightly, followed by a rise. Drinking has been shown to result in low quality of sleep as measured by nighttime awakenings (fragmented sleep) and decreased time spent in REM sleep.

4. Keep your bedroom dark.

Sleeping in a dark room can greatly improve your quality of sleep. Darkness causes the brain to produce the hormone melatonin, which gives us that sleepy feeling. Melatonin is the body’s natural sleep aid, which is only produced once all artificial and natural light is gone and the room is as dark as possible. If you’re not ready to install blackout shades, try an eye mask.  Blocking out all light with an eye mask is one of the best ways to induce melatonin production, which helps you fall asleep faster.

5. Try deep breathing

Close your eyes and take deep, slow breaths, making each breath even deeper than the last. Take a deep breath into your lower belly (not your chest) and feel your abdomen expand with air. Hold this for a few seconds and then release. Notice your belly rising and falling, and the air coming in and out a few times. Imagine the air filling up your abdomen, and then traveling out your airways, over and over. Continue to do this for a few minutes, focusing your mind back to your body and the breath coming in and out. Any time a thought crosses your mind, release that thought and refocus on the breath. Feel yourself relaxing even more deeply.

6. Drink warm milk before bed

Milk can raise your internal body temperature when it’s heated, which will relax you and make you sleepy and calm. Add to this the most powerful effect of all, the placebo effect. Warm milk seems to do something psychologically that makes us calm and drowsy.

7. Keep your room cool

if temperatures remain high it can be difficult to fall asleep in a hot stuffy bedroom, leaving many suffering from a disturbed night’s sleep. Your body temperature needs to drop slightly before you go to sleep which is why you just can’t sleep when you’re too hot.

Few Easy Ways To Stop Eating Late At Night

Even when you aren’t hungry, you found yourself eating at night. Nighttime eating can cause you to eat more calories than you need and lead to weight gain.
Here are few things you can do to stop eating late at night.

1. Plan your meals

You can benefit from using a meal plan. Our eating situations can vary greatly from week to week depending on work schedules, after school activities, evening commitments, travel plans… Having a meal plan can also reduce any anxiety about how much you are eating and help you spread your food throughout the day, keeping hunger at bay.

2. De-stress

Using food to curb your emotions is a bad idea. Anxiety and stress are two of the most common reasons why people eat when they aren’t hungry. Exercise is important to combat stressful reactions, and prevent them from arising in the future. When you keep your body in peak condition, you feel lighter and more energized, leaving you prepared to manage life’s stresses and that leads to less eating when you are not hungry.

3. Sleep More

Are you getting enough sleep? Restful sleep is an essential key to staying healthy and strong. When you’re well-rested, you can approach stressful situations more calmly. When you don’t have enough sleep, your body needs food and you feel hungry.

Blood Type Diet

Type O blood:

A high-protein diet heavy on lean meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables, and light on grains, beans, and dairy. Also a various supplements to help with tummy troubles and other issues he says people with type O tend to have.

Type A blood:

A meat-free diet based on fruit and vegetables, beans and legumes, and whole grains – ideally, organic and fresh, because people with type A blood have a sensitive immune system.

Type B blood:

Avoid corn, wheat, buckwheat, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts, and sesame seeds. Chicken is also problematic. For type B, it’s recommended eating green vegetables, eggs, certain meats, and low-fat dairy.

Type AB blood:

Foods to focus on include tofu, seafood, dairy, and green vegetables. People with type AB blood tend to have low stomach acid. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and smoked or cured meats.

Keep Yourself Motivated

Many people start, but they may stop when they get bored, they don’t enjoy it or results come too slowly. Here are seven tips to help you stay motivated.

1. Set goals

Having goals for things we want to do and working towards them is an important part of being human. The path towards our goals may not always run smoothly or be easy, but having goals, whether big or small, is part of what makes life good. It gives us a sense of meaning and purpose, points us in the direction we want to go and gets us interested and engaged, all of which are good for our overall happiness. Goals lose their meaning when the reasons we want to achieve them are no longer important to us. If you want to get motivated and stay motivated, find deep-rooted reasons.Look at your goals and write out a full page on the reasons you’re willing to do absolutely anything possible to achieve them.

2. Get around the right people

Get around people with goals and plans, people who are going somewhere with their lives and have high aspirations. Not the one who sit home and doing nothing! Avoid the negative people! Negative people and conversations will have you focused on all the wrong things and may take your focus off of your goals.

3. Get Going

The faster you move, the better you get. And the better you get, the more you like yourself. And the more you like yourself, the higher your self-esteem is. And the higher your self-esteem is, the greater your self-discipline is. And the more you persist, then you ultimately become unstoppable.

4. Dispel your fears

The large portion of our thoughts are fear-based. What happens if so-and-so happens? We ask ourselves fear-based questions without even consciously being aware of it. For that reason, if we want to get and stay motivated, we have to dispel our fears.

5. Manage your time effectively

Stay motivated by organizing your time and limiting the time-wasters. Remember that it’s impossible to get everything done. Plan to spend at least 50 percent of your time engaged in the thoughts, activities and conversations that produce most of your results. Schedule appointments with yourself and create time blocks for high-priority thoughts, conversations, and actions. Schedule when they will begin and end. Have the discipline to keep these appointments. And remember, put up a “Do not disturb” sign when you absolutely have to get work done.

Health Benefits Of Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter and peanuts show a classic allergen that affects children and adults

Peanut butter is a food paste made primarily from ground dry roasted peanuts. The most important thing about peanut butter is: It’s healthy!

1. High in vitamins and minerals

Peanut butter is high in protein. A serving of peanut butter has 3 mg of the powerful antioxidant vitamin E, 49 mg of bone-building magnesium, 208 mg of muscle-friendly potassium, and 0.17 mg of immunity-boosting vitamin B6. It’s great for maintaining good heart and kidney health, and it generally helps all of your other organs function normally. Consuming  2 tablespoons of peanut butter at least 5 days a week can lower the risk of developing diabetes by almost 30%.

2. It helps you lose weight 

Peanut butter is a treat that doesn’t leave you wanting something else. It’s satisfying and filling because of its high protein content, leaving you full for hours and giving you the energy you need to perform daily tasks. Those who are eating peanut butter aren’t reaching for sugary snacks once they’re finished, as they are satiated with what they’ve already had.

3. Peanut butter have the good fat

Peanut butter is full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. It contains healthy unsaturated fat. Unsaturated fats lower bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol.

4.Rich in antioxidants

Antioxidant that is originally found in red grapes and red wine, and is also found in peanuts, that can help prevent damage to blood vessels and prevent blood clots. It’s also thought that resveratrol can contribute to a reduction in the risk for cardiovascular disease. Peanut butter has higher antioxidant levels than apples, carrots, or beets, and is more on par with the levels found in blackberries and strawberries.

4 Simple Dinners You Must Try


1. Beef, Okra, and Potato Kebabs

Throw these on the grill for a smoky, low-cal meal. Okra may seem like an odd veggie to put on a kebab, but it is rich in vitamin A and absorbs the savory grilled flavor perfectly.

Ingredients: Fingerling potatoes, parsley, horseradish, Dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce, sugar, olive oil, black pepper, salt, red bell pepper, okra, shallots, sirloin steak, yellow squash, cooking spray


2.Sesame Seed-Crusted Salmon Burger With Yogurt Sauce

This Asian-inspired recipe takes a step away from traditional burgers. Heart-healthy salmon is combined with Japanese breadcrumbs, ginger, sesame seeds, and soy sauce for a flavor-packed burger under 500 calories.

Ingredients: Salmon, baby spinach, panko, lemons, ginger, soy sauce, sesame seeds, salt, black pepper, Greek yogurt, dill, garlic, olive oil cooking spray, whole-wheat hamburger buns

Restaurante-Chicken Tinga Soft Tacos with Spicy Green Slaw-1060

3.Soft Tacos With Spicy Chicken

These spicy, tender tacos will satisfy your craving for South of the Border flavors. And because oregano, cilantro, and chiles add big flavor, not big calorie counts, you can enjoy them with chips and guacamole.

Ingredients: Chicken breasts, salt, black pepper, bay leaf, oregano, chipotle chiles, red onion, white wine vinegar, olive oil, dark beer, corn tortillas, cilantro, salsa


4. Fruited Curry Chicken Salad

In a large salad bowl combine the chicken, celery, onion, apple, raisins, grapes, pecans, pepper, curry powder and mayonnaise, Mix all together, tossing to coat, Refrigerate for several hours or overnight allowing flavors to blend. Serve on a croissant or pita bread as a sandwich or on a bed of lettuce.

Donald Trump In Black Church


Donald Trump has visited a black church in Detroit. Trump has been trying for weeks to make black voters alienated. He said:

We are all brothers and sisters, and we are all created by the same God, we must love each other and support each other and we are in this all together.

Donald Trump took a selfie with a church member and held up a baby over his shoulders. He said he was there to listen to their message and he hoped his appearance would also help everyone’s voice to reach new audiences in our country. He said he would lay out his plans for economic change. He also added:

 “For centuries, the African-American church has been the conscience of this country.


But, from the other side, a protest heated up in front of the church in Detroit. Dozens of protesters surrounded the church and shouted “No Trump!”, “Go Home Trump!”.

NASA’s Juno Sends New Pictures Of Jupiter

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has sent new pictures of Jupiter’s north pole. The images show storm and weather activity unlike anything previously seen on any of our solar system’s gas-giant planets. On the pictures there are storms swirling around it’s two poles.

“It looks like nothing we have seen or imagined before” said Scott Bolton, principal investigator on the Juno project.

Juno successfully executed the first of 36 orbital flybys on Aug. 27 when the spacecraft came about 2,500 miles above Jupiter’s clouds. The Juno spacecraft launched on Aug. 5, 2011 and arrived at Jupiter on July 4, 2016. It’s a 1.1 billion dollar project. Scientists want to establish how much water the planet contains. Juno is the first spacecraft to carry a titanium vault designed to shield its computer and electronics from intense radiation. Once Juno is done studying Jupiter, likely by February 2018, NASA plans on retiring the intrepid spacecraft by performing a “deorbit phase.” This maneuver just basically means it’ll hurtle itself toward Jupiter’s turbulent atmosphere, where it will burn up.